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DUI InvestigatorAlan McCann - Investigator
Mr. McCann has a 33-year career at the San Francisco Police Department where he specialized in the investigation and reconstruction of accidents. He has examined over 1,000 DUI cases and made over 600 California drunk driving arrests. With this knowledge, he is able to provide this DUI defense law firm with the expert advice needed to defend any California DUI case. In addition, Mr. McCann was awarded San Francisco Police Department's top honor: the Gold Medal of Valor. He is also POST (Peace Officer's Standards and Training) certified having completed basic, intermediate and advanced training.
Drunk Driving InvestigatorPaul Cavallero - Investigator
Investigator Paul Cavallero has conducted over 200 DUI investigations and regularly testifies in court as a witness on behalf of our clients. As a member of our firm for over 3 years, he is responsible for gathering client discovery, delivering client motions to all Bay Area county courthouses, and photographing arrest locations.
Forensic Toxicology ConsultantHalle Weingarten - Consultant in Forensic Toxicology
Comprehensive case review including evaluation of the role of alcohol and drugs in case specific context, effects and metabolism of these substances, assessment of the reliability of alcohol and drug test procedures, regulatory compliance, evidence handling procedures, and quality assurance. Expert testimony in criminal, administrative, and civil proceedings. Assist laboratories in setting up analytical methods that meet regulatory and legal requirements and in training laboratory staff and law enforcement officers.

Certified Forensic Toxicologist, Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Toxicology Forensic Alcohol Supervisor, California Department of Health Services Clinical Toxicologist Technologist, California Department of Health Services Intoxilyzer 5000, Operation and Maintenance, CMI, Inc

Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor (certified to train trainers and technicians) , CMI, Inc. Breath Alcohol Technician, CMI, Inc. (Intoxilyzer 200, 400, 5000) Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer, MedExpress Toxicology, Inc. Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer, Intoximeters, Inc.

Certified Professional Collector Trainer, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

Certificate of Completion of Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Training, 2007

Photo Coming SoonKen Mark - Toxicologist
Testified in over 1700 cases in municipal, superior, and federal courts on the analytical procedures used to determine alcohol and/or drug levels in biological samples and their effects of on the human body. Testimony frequently included the interpretation of blood alcohol levels, driving observations, field sobriety test performance, and other aspects of alcohol ingestion. Testimony also included interpreting urine and blood drug levels, signs and symptoms of drug intoxication as well as their effect on driving ability. Testified approximately equally for prosecution and defense.


  • Testified in over 1000 civil proceedings primarily DMV administrative per se hearings.
  • Former Supervising Toxicologist for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Forensic Laboratory with over thirty years of experience in clinical and forensic toxicology.
  • Owner and operator of Bay Area Forensic Lab, California state licensed in 1989 as a Forensic Alcohol Laboratory.
  • Authored blood, breath, and urine alcohol and drug testing procedures for San Mateo County and Bay Area Forensic Lab.
  • Trained over 1500 police officers in the operation of the Model 4011 series and Model 5000 Intoxilyzers.
  • Analyzed over 40,000 blood and urine samples for alcohol and/or drug content.
  • Provided consultation to the Office of the District Attorney in over 2000 cases, primarily driving under the influence cases, and a substantially larger number of cases with defense counsel.
  • Qualified as an expert on Intoxilyzers, Alcosensors (PAS device), and Draeger Instruments.

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